Company background: was established in January 2013, in response to an increasing global demand to address the environmental impact of electronic waste. Our primary focus became portable electronics, such as Tablets, iPods and of course, the most prolific offender, discarded mobile phones. The virtual pile of abandoned phones was growing by 140 million units per year worldwide, a number that continues to rise. We answered the call to action and set out to provide consumers an avenue to be financially rewarded with the best prices for proper mobile phone disposal.

Some of our company’s distinguishing features:

In order to maximize our impact, we purchase a wide variety of mobile phones and tablets. Our buy list includes greater than 1000 models and chances are, you have the one we want!

All data is removed from the phones when we receive them. We use highly specialized equipment and processes to completely erase any personal and/or sensitive information from smart phones and to prevent the use of forensic software.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally supportive by increasing the lifecycle of mobile phones, thereby reducing the demand for new ones and keeping older ones out of landfills.

If they are beyond repair, they will be broken down for parts and recycled, ensuring the most environmentally conscious methods of electronic waste disposal possible.

Our customers receive a financial reward for doing the right thing for the environment.

Here’s how it works:

We have established a quick and easy 3 step process on our website. All you have to do is look on our site to find out if your handset is one that we are currently accepting and follow some simple instructions. If your handset is one of the ones we are purchasing and it is in good working order, then we will pay within 24 hours from the time we receive your phone.